Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day. Our meal won't be till tonight as my wife's family long ago decided it made more sense to cook a special meal for the sabbath and to have all of Thursday as well as part of Friday to cook. Also allows us to invite friends. So I spent my day not watching football, washing dishes, and taking in MST3K. Today is more of the same, plus tidying the house and avoiding any shopping since I am not a fan of performative consumption. But it's been Black Friday for two months now, so I have probably participated anyway.

One tiny bit of Mets news: they are hiring John Gibbons to be the bench coach. Make of that what you will. I figure there won't be much news of signings this weekend, but you never know.

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I'm up earlier than usual on this "day off" but I'm going to get my car inspected today. The exciting lives we lead. Happy Thanksgiving.

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I remember when the day after Thanksgiving was set aside for vomiting. Another nice tradition slain by crass commercialism.

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I'm pretty sure that I'm doing something wrong with bluesky codes. Just finished trying to use each of them with no luck. Getting a message of Code not valid. Could they have been used already this early?

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Suarez has somehow just made zero impression on me. A guy who hits 49 homers in the first three decades of my fandom would have a big spot in my mental game. But after Seligball and with my age he is just a name.

232 / 323 / 391 last year doesn’t seem like much. But it was, in SEA, good enough for a 101 OPS+. Moving to Phoenix and even at his advanced age of 32 (hah!) I wouldn’t be surprised to see him bounce back to 30-35 homers.

This is probably it for Longoria. He wasn’t BAD but a part time 40 year old who is a below average hitter is not going to be in high demand. I doubt he gets any significant support for the HOF but he’s near the top of the HOVG. 1000 runs and ribbies 340 homers 119 OPS+ and great defense when he was young. Plus I feel like I read back when Evan won the ROY that he and Eva were cousins.

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Happy Black Friday to those who celebrate!

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Update on the Heidi Schloegel Hynes food drive.

We ended up collecting 1,144 pound of food for Harvesters. And we sent over $3,000 to the Bronx to get healthy food for the program my sister started.

I’m not sure exactly how much was donated by the Cup of Coffee community, but I know it was a lot more than nothing.

With Twitter turning into a rot of toxic right wing insults, I am particularly thankful for this message board and newsletter.

Happy Thanksgiving

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No good wishes for those who work retail on this shittiest of workdays?

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Cracker Barrel was quite tasty last night. Although half the people at this campground drove their $70k trucks pulling an $80K camper to a campground so they could sit in it and watch TV. Seems like they could have stayed home and not missed anything.

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Nov 24, 2023·edited Nov 24, 2023

Visiting my friend at the beach for this week, and damn, we did a fine dinner yesterday. I made my best gravy ever, and now we get to enjoy my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner -- leftovers!




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For the Friday CoC crew heres a few more bsky invites.






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I have some Bluesky invitations as well:





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Get them while they’re hot!

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I work in retail, but I'm in Canada, so at least people are generally polite. And my 12 year old printer has bitten the dust, so today was a good day to pick one up.

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Love the Kinks! If only they would tour again.

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