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Not getting emails from beehiv when I try to login

nm I am good

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Hi Craig, I'm a premium subscriber who so far has been unable to access the newsletter. I've tried to log in, but have not been able to persuade Beehiiv to send me a confirmation email. So I'm currently cupofcoffeeless, and I'm already suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms. I don't remember which email I subscribed with; it is either sda2e@virginia.edu or arata1958@gmail.com. (I tried both with Beehiiv, without success.)

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Craig--It's a mystery, but, no, I haven't received anything cup-of-coffee related in my email inbox since Friday, and there's nothing in the spam folder. If you'll tell me the email address the newsletter is now being sent from, I'll check with the university tech administrator to see if for some reason it's being blocked before it reaches me.

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Hello Craig,

As I suspected, the problem is on my end--or, more precisely, the problem is with my university's email filters. Below is the "solution" ITS proposes, which is only a solution if you think the definition of solution is washing your hands of the problem. I went several rounds with ITS after receiving the notice below, but unsurprisingly made no headway.

Is it possible to switch the email on my subscription to my gmail account (arata1958@gmail.com)? I don't know if that will work, but perhaps it's worth a try.

Hello Stephen,

We have a solution to Case # 2155-345837 you submitted. This case will auto-close in 5 days unless we receive a reply from you indicating the suggested solution did not resolve your reason for contacting us.

Please review the solution:

Good morning,

I just received an update from the email engineers, they were able to confirm what I found as correct but also provided some further information.

The mail from cupofcoffee@mail.beehiiv.com is currently being blocked by our email filter. The IP address those emails are coming from, is from SendGrid and has been reported as a source of spam by a reputable security firm. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our end to allow this IP address through the filter. The sender will need to look at their IP address or possibly get a dedicated IP address to try and remove the risk of being flagged.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reply to this email.


UVA ITS Infrastructure Support Services

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That worked--thanks!

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Haven’t received an email since the change

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Subscriber from Substack but in the midst of a move I lost track of regular reading and just realized that you'd left as you discussed. So I can get onto Beehive on the web and it looks like my subscription transferred. But I fear that will mess with my ability to keep up. I've a pretty set routine...go to Substack, read Heather read you read Kareem read some others. Then I start my day.

How do I do this with Beehive? I don't think they have an app and I really fear that's going to dilute my presence. Can I get Cup with an RSS feeder? Once I'm on the web, I'm working.

How does one find out what other newsletters are published by Beehive? Their web presence seems to be exclusively written for authors. I found you through Substack's offerings.

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