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You love baseball, but you also have a life and a family and a job and stuff. You don’t have all day to scroll social media and go to a half dozen ad and video-filled websites in an attempt to stay up to date. Wouldn’t it be way better to have a quick, entertaining, and informative one-stop daily baseball briefing, delivered directly to your inbox before you have your first cup of coffee each morning? That’s what Cup of Coffee is for.

Each morning you’ll get And That Happened, Craig’s venerable, humorous and pithy daily recap of the previous night’s games. You’ll also get a digest of all the significant baseball news as the day begins and Craig’s commentary about it, which puts all of that news into perspective and context. When big, big news breaks, you’ll get supplemental emails with an instant analysis of everything you need to know about it. And you’ll get it before anyone else.

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I'm a writer about baseball and other things. Cup of Coffee is where my baseball stuff goes. You can find other things at craigcalcaterra.com